Alice Silverman, M.D.

Private Practice

  • Psychodynamic and psychoanalytic psychotherapy for Adults -- Individuals and Couples

    Including prescription and medical monitoring of psychiatric medication within this setting if needed

    Free consultation to explore whether the type of treatment I provide and the fit between us makes a good match. If not, I will try to offer referrals to other colleagues


  • Psychodynamic Psychotherapy Supervision for Therapists

New Patients

I am not accepting new patients at this time, but openings periodically become available. Feel free to call and inquire. If I am not available, I will be happy to make a referral.


I am currently an in network provider for most insurance companies including Medicare, Medicaid, Blue Cross Blue Shield of Vermont and Cigna. This may be subject to change as insurance policies change so best to check in with me.

Alice Silverman's Office


Psychodynamic/Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy

Unlike some treatment approaches that focus primarily on the elimination of troubling symptoms, psychodynamic/psychoanalytic treatment also aims to help an individual to know him or herself more deeply.

An underlying assumption of psychoanalytic thinking is the belief that the more self-awareness we have, including an awareness of our often less conscious motivations, the better our chances are for living a rich and satisfying life. Put another way, psychoanalysts believe that knowing oneself more deeply and authentically will have many positive effects on overall health and mental health, well beyond symptom relief.